Regional Food Treatment

An established operator collecting over 40,000 tonnes of useable food by-products per annum to formulate organics into wet and dry mix animal feed suitable for FEMAS accredited customers and suppliers within UK and European markets. For many years, our client has successfully closed the loop within a progressive agricultural feed chain as it looks to expand its operation.

The Challenge
As legislation demands greater control and quality of finished product the incidence of nonreusable by-products increases as sustainable methods of treatment and disposal such as land spreading decreases. As conventional agricultural practice comes increasingly under scrutiny a flexible business model was necessary to sustain a commercially viable and compliant operation.

The Solution
Packaged Group as strategic consultant has implemented several short and long term initiatives to future proof this operation. These include, on site waste management delivering process change to reduce op costs through the sourcing and supply of packaging equipment, reducing contamination of re-usables at source, to enhance rebates of dry mixed recycling and improve price point of animal feed products. Packaged Group have also been commissioned to propose a full waste to energy turnkey solution to deliver latest on-site energy conversion technology within 24/36 months. This will safeguard enhanced values of collected foodstuffs for the foreseeable future.

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