Waste Minimisation

The Challenge:
Spiralling costs associated with increased waste collections, contaminated food byproducts destined for landfill, fully depreciated equipment not working efficiently and limited management information relating to years of waste generation was stifling a successful operation and threatened to undermine an established brand. With incumbent supply chain reacting to issues rather than proactively leading for change, old habits were quickly having an impact on bottom line performance with risk of non-compliance

The Solution:
A full process audit conducted by our experienced waste managers quickly highlighted a number of on-site opportunities to reduce waste generation through upstream recycling segregation, changes to site operatives’ way of working, newly specified containers and allied equipment plus the sourcing of sustainable food re-use outlets. A business case was subsequently presented to the client identifying each initiative to include payback and timescales. Very soon a significant in-year financial benefit was proposed via our dedicated resource management service & management of outsourced specialists.

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